Sign on the dotted line please…

I don’t normally post things over from other website; however, I can always make an exception when it is regarding a greater cause or cycling advocacy.  I may get only one or two people to sign the petition by linking this over, but it’s more than zero!

I received an email from a co-worker with a link to our Trek dealer site with a link to the petition.

Copied over from the Trek article is as follows:


John Burke: help keep the PCH a beautiful and safe place to ride


A ride like this is worth saving

California Trek retailers,

This fall I had the opportunity to ride Highway One from Santa Cruz down to Santa Barbara. I have been lucky enough to ride my bike in some great places all around the world, but I can honestly say that a couple of the days along Highway One provided the BEST riding that I have ever done. Amazing views all day long!!! Unfortunately, one of the best bicycling routes in the world has a major problem. CalTrans is starting to resurface Highway One with chip seal between Cambria and the Monterey county line, making it difficult for cyclists to ride, or in some instances dangerous. The long-term consequences of deterring tourists definitely outweigh this short-term fix. You can help make sure cyclists can continue to enjoy this amazing, iconic ride by taking action right now.

If you want to make a difference I would suggest the following to you:

  • Sign the petition here.
  • Post the petition on your website and share it with your Facebook fans.
  • Send a letter to:
    California Department of Transportation
    Attn: Malcolm Dougherty, Director
    1120 N Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814

Best regards, Jb.

Access to the petition can be found here:

Join the cause and spread the word, even if you are not a cyclist – this stretch of highway would be an amazing ride on a bike and is definitely on my bucket list…

Thanks for the help and enjoy the ride!

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insta life


Quite a while back, I decided to go on a facebook hiatus/point of no return and later deemed that “the book” was no longer for me.  I wanted to dedicate a little more time to this blog and keep myself off of what I called a “time vampire.”  While hanging out with my good buddy Eric, I was turned onto the app, Instagram.  Since then, I have more or less been using Instagram to document and photograph the things I’ve been up to lately.  From epic rides, to coffee & donuts, to some pretty amazing scenery, I enjoy shooting things that I can look back on and remember how life was on that day. 

All of the photos I post on my feed are taken on my phone, and not my actual digital camera.  It is sometimes a bit of a challenge capturing the greatness of something with a phone, but I believe it gives me the opportunity to make a great shot or not.  Feel free to browse my Instagram feed, which is located in the Instagram link at the top of the page.

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looking like winter

All of a sudden, it’s beginning to look a lot more like winter in Colorado.  The alpenglow is beginning to show up nicely on Mt. Werner and the dusk skies never disappoint.  Recently, I swapped out the summer slicks for some mountain tires in anticipation of snowy commutes. A couple of photos below from my recent commuting fun.

 emerald mt. under blue skies/mt. werner looking mighty fine in alpenglow

beneath hilltop parkway/climbing in snow

Bottle opener/roadside kit

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hello jimmy!

The dirt jumper has definitely been paying itself off this fall. I’ve been lucky to have such a long bike season in the mountains of CO.. especially this fall with some pretty fun sessions at the bike park. It’s funny how you can show up at this park and nearly always see a familiar face at the drop in. Just recently during this unseasonably warm November, my good ol’ “separated at birth” brother, Eric Hitchell and I showed up to an empty park and a full day of riding ahead. Hitchell’s buddy bryan showed up soon after, and we broke out the camera to take a few snaps. By the end of the day our crew of riders had grown to ten or so strong riding line upon line into the dark. Looks like snow in the forecast soon, but I can happily say that this dj session in particular was a fine one to end the season on… or maybe not…

highlight reel below –

e. hitchell over 6!

bryan tuck no hands!

crashing bikes is never fun, but it definitely comes with the territory. coming in for a three point landing, errr otb body slam session can remind you that it’s pretty late in the day… check yourself before you wreck yourself! (myself – coming up short…)

The rest of the awesomeness can be seen below!

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sb pumptrack

One of my favorite things about working on bikes is being able to fully spec build a bike from a mere pile of parts.  “Just a bunch of nuts & bolts” sometimes we say in the shop.  Building bikes is sort of like drinking different beers, or tasting different wines… or drinking different coffee’s – well you get the point.  As a rider progresses through cycling, their preferences, or “flavors” of bikes can change and evolve as their riding style shifts from one discipline to the next.  All I know is, each bike I have built over the years has always made me smile for different reasons.  This guy… don’t you worry about this guy…

I once read a caption in Freehub Magazine that while “mountain biking can be incredibly expensive […] Take solace that while it can leave you broken in budget and bone, the investment pays out a hundred-fold at the Bank of A-life-well-lived.”

Below you can check out my most recently built two wheeled steed.  Built up with 10sp Shimano Zee components and a hand – strung set of bomb-proof free ride wheels, this DJ is sure to leave anyone who jumps on grinning from ear to ear.

Detailed Specs:

Frame/Fork – Giant STP/Manitou Circus Expert (tapered)

Drivetrain – Shimano Zee Crankset/BB, Zee shifter, Zee r. derailleur, SLX 10sp chain, 105 10sp cassette, MRP lopes box guide

Wheels/Tires – Shimano Saint Hubs f/r – DT Swiss f630 rims/dt spokes – Maxxis Holly Roller’s

Brakes/Bars/Stem – Avid Juicy 7’s w/ HSX 2 piece rotors, Easton Havoc bars, Answer Rove dj stem

Seat & Post – Fizik tundra saddle, Giant contact seat post/qr clamp

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retro ride’s

I have not posted much lately, and hopefully I can get out to capture some fall leaves before they all vanish.  Earlier in the summer CK and I took a stroll down the bike path on our vintage road machine’s.  Chris’s early 80’s Marinoni frame features Campagnolo forged drop out’s and a complete Suntour Superbe Pro grouppo.  The Bianchi might look familiar – it is the old fg now sporting a fully hand polished pat.84 Super Record/Record group mix.

Enjoy the photos!

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Noah @ Lightpole

Chris Katers, Noah Wetzel and I journeyed to the top of Buff Pass for some biking and photo fun a couple of nights ago.  A typical Colorado sunset painted the sky for a nice evening spent on some fast single track.

I’ve only got one to post – but Noah @ Lightpole Clothing snapped a nice right hander through a meadow on Buff.  Rarely am I in the front of the camera it seems, so thanks for the shot Noah!

Make sure to check out Noah’s website for his photography and art (and it’s pretty sweet!)… Lightpole Clothing

You can also find them on FaceBook under “Lightpole Clothing.” Thanks!


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